Sound the Alarm!

The Historic 1897 Firehouse purchased Fire Station No.4 from the City of Elmira in 1995.  This unique project cannot move forward without support from the community.  Contributions can be cash, donated labor and materials, or donated services.  Many times we hear people bemoan the destruction of the Langdon home and other important structures in downtown Elmira.  These buildings are gone forever and no amount of talk will bring them back!  Why not focus on saving that which we have left?

We have made great progress so far and are now at the stage where we need everyone’s help and support.  You hold the key to the success of this project - get involved and we have a fighting chance - ignore it & figure that someone else will help and the project will surely lose.  Station No.4 belongs to you and the rest of this community.  Let’s work together for the benefit of all!

Participate in the growing trend to preserve our heritage.  Send your tax-deductible contribution today or contact us for more information.

Top 5 Ways YOU Can Help:

  1. Send us a tax-deductible contribution (check or money order only, please):

       The Historic 1897 Firehouse
       P.O. Box 103
       Elmira, NY 14902-0103
       United States
  2. Join one of our committees to further the progress of the project.
  3. Volunteer your time, skills, or professional services.